Apostolos & Eleni Family Apartments and Villa Mikalef are located inside the unspoiled grove of Gastouri, on the hillside of Achilleion Palace. The complex is built amphitheatrically surrounded by fruit trees, olive trees and fragrant gardens of roses. The perfect color combination of serenity and feast with the deep blue of the sea.

You will find yourself in a place that feels just right, the feeling that somebody has been expecting your arrival. The essence of true hospitality.

Contact us for a good family offer in June.
10% discount on total amount for week holidays!

- A real escape in a relaxing setting!





Villa Micalef will bring you back to an original fisherman home brough up to be today a holiday house offering all the comfort you need. Built on the 70’s by my grandfather who had his home over the hill, worked daily lapidating stones by starring at the sea where he also carried on his daily fishing activities, turned out to be his dream home.

The direct access to the beach, the panoramic view of the sea and the spacious outdoor area was the key aspects that drove him to the decision of having his own corner by the beach. After two generations we decided to transform it in a comfortable holiday home that carries out some of my grandfather’s work and passion and has been carefully renovated by my own family craft work and care.

I would love to welcome you and share the feeling of a private holiday in a home away from home.

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